Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fair Enough

Hi everyone! Back from our weekend away. I will post pictures and a blog about our weekend tomorrow but for now I wanted to post about this wonderful little shop we found in Walberswick.

Fair Enough is a small shop just behind The Bell Inn near the ferry. It sells lots of fairtrade and locally made things. Lots of wonderful lovely things.

They sell Sukie note books. Have you ever heard of Sukie? You should, go check them out. And the lovely lady who runs the shop, Amy, is super friendly! She also stocks lots of jewellery, bags and purses and card holders and spectacle cases made out of embroidered upholstery fabric by a company called Stinkie!! How good is that?! AND she sells Maison Bengal bags which are made from rice sacks, I really wanted one of those.

Those tea towels hanging over the edge of the shelves are printed by a local Suffolk lady called Fran Squires. They are delicious. There are also aprons and bags at Fair Enough too!

Amy herself makes rag crochet rugs which you can buy in the shop. You can see one in the picture on the left there.

As well as all that there are super lovely clothes and shoes made of old bicycle tyres too! I mean seriously this place is great! I can't remember everything that was there but the photos show lots of stuff so hopefully you'll get the idea. The shop is open til October in Walberswick. So if you're local make the most of it while you still have time! I'm so going back. Several times!


Emma and Heidi said...

I really love the pens pens pens.

I LOVE YOU said...


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