Monday, 13 July 2009

Rochester! A lovely city!

On Saturday I drove all the way down to Kent, I had never driven that far before and I had never been on the motoroway! I can't say I liked the M25 very much, but now I have done the journey I can go and visit Flo of Thoughts Of The Common Reader more often.

We arrived in Maidstone, had tea and flapjack and then decided to go over to Rochester which is really close to Maidstone. We parked up and the first thing I saw was a place called "Mrs Bumble's Tea Rooms". What a great first impression! We headed up the high street and stopped in front of an interesting looking shop. I had noticed what I think was a sewing box which was a stool as well. "We'll go in here it's looking good already" we thought! Little did we know what we were in for!

Field Staff Antiques. Oh my what a wonderous treasure trove! I asked permission to take a few photos so I could post about it and got chatting to the lovely lady behind the counter and a gentleman she was talking to. They even told us about the best places to stop for tea and cake!

We looked through old postcards, cabinet after cabinet of jewellery, vintage clothes, handbags, suitcases, crockery, glassware, tins, and look at those beautiful scarves all tied in bows up the staircase! It was wonderous. We were pressed for time unfortunately but if we had more I can guarantee I would've spent hours in there digging around through the vintage clothes and handbags and jewellery and tins. You can see me taking the photograph in the mirror on that last one! I didn't even realise. I will be braving the M25 many more times in the future!


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