Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Poppy Cat

I didn't show you this when I mentioned it just about everywhere else last week.

My cat Poppy is 19 and she needs an operation to take some of her teeth out. As she is so old and she is really quite skinny now I was very worried she wouldn't make it through the anesthetic. Not being able to do much to help this situation all I could think to do was make a badge in homage to her.

She went to the vet who did a blood test and it was discovered she has thyroid problems and so has to be on a pill everyday and the operation was delayed for a few weeks. My mum tells me she is very good at taking her tablet.

Hopefully she will be okay. I will be keeping my watch over her by wearing my badge and giving her more love and attention than she can handle!

Update: Poppy had her dental work today, she had 4 teeth out! But she is fine and home and enjoying food and drink as we speak! What a relief. Brave kitty!

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